Legal notice

The present website aims to disseminate information related to the RECORD project conducted in collaboration between UMR-S 707 (Inserm – University Pierre et Marie Curie), the IPC Medical Center, and the University of Montreal.

The information provided on the website is targeted to the scientific community, to public health actors and decision makers, to the study participants, and to the overall community.

Basile Chaix, researcher at Inserm, as the coordinator of the RECORD project, is the editorial responsible of the website.

Personal information on the visitors of the website (including information provided to the RECORD group via contacts through the website, including the identity of the visitors) is strictly confidential. The responsible of the website strictly respects the legal rules of confidentiality applicable in France and will not provide this information to anyone.

The present website is funded through the RECORD project. The financial partners are listed here.

The present website does not include any advertisement.